NFT Development Standards

NFT’s were built by using a popular standard token which includes ERC 721, ERC 998, ERC 1155 and also TRC 721, let's how these standard tokens will improve the process of design and development of Non-fungible tokens.

ERC 721 Token Standard

It is a type of global standard token and it was the first standard token on NFT that representing the Non-fungible digital assets, ERC 721 gives a unique address that will identify the owner of the asset and it also provides some functionalities like transferring the tokens from one account to another account, Due to the smart contract implement it will be easier to keep track on the created tokens on Ethereum.

ERC 998 Token Standard

It is an extended version of the ERC 721 standard token, it was also known as Composable it refers that the assets within the token will be composed or organized into a complex position and also used to trade as a single transfer of ownership, It gives valuable addition to the existing standards.

ERC-1155 Token Standard

ERC - 1155 will improve the standards beyond ERC 721, It represents the multiple classes of assets and also it will reduce the multiple smart contracts and transaction time and also it will minimize to save the transaction fee. ERC - 1155 will have the ability to change the landscape of DApps within the blockchain network.

TRC - 721 Token Standard

TRC 721 was one of the protocol for issuing NFT on the Tron network and it is fully compatible with ERC 721. It allows each and every token to have its unique value, TRC 721 will allows you to digitize your collectables. TRC 721 represents any type of tangible assets n the real world.