DeFi Wallet Types

Web Wallets

Web wallets are a unique type of Defi wallets that provides security through their private key and the user can recover the account using seed phrases. These wallets provide the user with various decentralized finance applications like yearn finance, aave, etc. These wallets support ethereumblockchain and token standards.

Mobile Wallet

This is another kind of non-custodial wallet where you can store your cryptocurrencies on your mobile. They have a social recovery setup where you can include members who are trusted friends. You will have to provide the approval to start the recovery process.

Hardware Wallet

This is one of the secure and effective crypto wallets to store huge amounts of cryptocurrency without the threat of being hacked. This is an offline wallet and you can use the private key to access it.

DeFi Dashboard

This will help the user to view, store, and manage cryptocurrencies in one place. The user can connect other wallets with the Defi dashboard or use it as a view-only platform.